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                Advancing the Value of MarketingTM


March Second’s services are focused on helping companies advance the value of marketing by growing and sustaining profitable customer relationships.  We offer a variety of core strategic marketing consulting, implementation, and support services across a variety of industries including health care, financial services, retail, business-to-business, and travel and hospitality.  Our services include:  

“The team at March Second helped us develop and integrate new marketing database and salesforce automation technology.  Their experience and expertise were invaluable.”

– Gerry Wilson, CIO, Unica, Inc.

Marketing Technology Audits and Assessments


We provide an independent audit and assessment of your marketing infrastructure and capabilities and identify any gaps in technology, capabilities or processes that are impacting your results.  The gap analysis compares your “current state” with your “desired state” and provides a structured framework to better understand where and how to improve the value of your marketing investments.  In addition, we make recommendations on marketing automation solutions and tools and help you evaluate your options. The audit includes:  

  • A data review and analysis
  • A database, capabilities, process, and tools assessment 
  • A capabilities assessment of your web 2.0 strategy and tools
  • A measurement and metrics review
  • A skills and experience evaluation
  • A comprehensive view of your business requirements

The audit and assessment quantifies where and how gaps in technology, process and analytical capabilities are impacting your marketing effectiveness and efficiency.  It is an important first step in developing a strategic roadmap and investment plan for improving marketing performance.

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Marketing Investment Roadmaps and ROI Analysis


We work with you to identify and quantify the investments in marketing technology, capabilities and skills that will help you improve performance.  The recommended technology and resource investments are prioritized based on your goals as well as their expected business impact.  We provide an investment roadmap which includes the timing of investments, the required timeframes, the key milestones, the critical dependencies, and the expected benefits.  The roadmap is supported by a business case and ROI analysis which quantifies the expected cost savings and performance improvements associated with each investment. The roadmap defines and quantifies: 

  • Data quality improvements
  • Marketing data integration and database recommendations 
  • Application and tool considerations 
  • Technology and resource investments 
  • User adoption needs 
  • Timeframes and key milestones
  • Expected benefits and ROI

The roadmap and business case provide a well documented plan and a consistent set of metrics to review with Finance and IT.  It also helps other key decision makers better understand marketing’s needs and how investments in marketing automation are advancing the value of marketing.

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Marketing Technology Implementation Services


We work with marketing organizations and internal IT staff to help design and implement marketing automation solutions capabilities.  Our services range from providing strategic advice and project management support to managing an entire implementation project including requirements, design, development, testing, user acceptance and training.  We have expertise and experience implementing enterprise marketing solutions, integrating data from online and offline channels, implementing marketing software applications and deploying analytical marketing tools.  Our implementation services include:  

  • Data integration, cleansing, and standardization
  • Database design and development
  • Marketing automation applications such as campaign management, lead management, and MRM
  • Marketing process improvements
  • Business Intelligence and analytical tool deployment   

We work closely with internal marketing and IT teams to understand and document your business requirements and ensure we are designing and implementing marketing solutions that meet your needs. We also provide training and change management support as part of our implementation services. 

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Measurement Frameworks and Analytical Support

We provide a framework and consistent metrics to measure the effectiveness of your marketing programs and quantify the impact on business performance.  Our measurement framework includes on-line and off-line investments, across all channels, and attributes marketing investments to business results.  It is designed to help you quickly determine what is working, what is not and what will work better.  Our analytical services include: 

  • Measurement frameworks and dashboards
  • Customer profiling and segmentation
  • Customer portfolio analysis
  • Marketing mix analysis
  • Statistical modeling

We work with you to establish the criteria and benchmarks for success and then design and implement an appropriate framework and metrics to help you and your team measure and quantify the business building value of your marketing programs and investments.
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Hosting Services and Capabilities


We offer our customers the option of implementing their marketing technology solutions on-premise or, if they prefer, at our state-of-the-art hosting facility.  Our hosting capabilities and services help minimize the business and financial risk of technology investments by allowing companies to leverage the marketing technology capabilities without worrying about the hardware, software, database, security, network infrastructure and all the IT personnel and skills required to deploy and support technology applications.Our hosting services and capabilities include:  

  • 24/7/365 support
  • Application, database and server hardware and software procurement, set up, maintenance and administration
  • Network and infrastructure configuration and power management
  • Backup and recovery of data environment and data feed maintenance
  • Environmental controls, seismic engineering, fire suppression, and security
  • Account management – case management, issue tracking, risk mitigation, business support, and status reporting


We will work with you to set up the optimal configuration given your business needs, budget, and functionality requirements. 


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Marketing Technology Reseller


We are a reseller of numerous marketing technology software capabilities, including the Unica Affinium suite, ClickSquared, and SRC.  This allows companies to purchase software from us and get access to the best marketing capabilities from the same company that will be implementing and supporting the marketing solution. We are experts in all of the software we sell and our customers do not have to worry about how many vendors to work with – March Second handles everything and is the “single point of contact” across all relationships.

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